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The Copy Me Millionaire Review

Copy Me Millionaire launched a few days ago and this is my review of it. I’ll start by stating that even though there are various legitimate means of making cash online like affiliate marketing, many individuals have tried and failed.

This is because it is not such an easy procedure as many individuals who begin these online jobs think. In order to capitalize on an online job opportunity and actually succeed, you need the right working tools and knowledge.

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One of the program offering these tools is the Copy Me Millionaire, which provides you an opportunity to have professionals set-up the venture for you.

The program Copy Me Millionaire is the recent product launched on 5th march 2012 created by Jeffery Baxter and his team of product creators. This product explains and shows you how Baxter makes more than $ 3,000 a month, using his easy affiliate marketing tactics.

This product is meant for individuals who lack the expertise and time to set up an online affiliate marketing venture from scratch. The system seems quite good and should work for both rookies as well as more advanced marketers, as it is designed to make the hard marketing tasks easy for you.

What to Expect From The Copy Me Millionaire Program?

  • Copy Me Millionaire provides you with perfectly designed affiliate marketing websites which is perfect for individuals who want to avoid figuring out the nerdy design stuff like html, ftp and hosting among others.
  • The crystal clear “copy me” step-by-step set-up instructions which are easy to explain and understand and follow.
  • The system has been designed with the main aim of helping you build your email list which is crucial for this venture in the long run.
  • Email is the simplest marketing strategy used to make money online, hence Copy Me Millionaire makes it easy for anyone to start earning some commissions.
  • A professionally designed opt-in webpage which helps an individual capture leads, plus also help turn this leads into profits.
  • A support staff to help you trade and answer any queries you might have about the business and how the Copy Me Millionaire product works.
  • Affiliate-marketing training videos explaining the Cope Me Millionaire strategy and much more information.

How The Copy Me Millionaire Works?

This system has been created to make your work as an affiliate marketer easy & fun so almost everything a go-alone marketer does is done for you.

Things like research, designing and too much worrying if you will make some money have been eliminated by Baxter and his team.

The initial thing you do after paying the initial membership fee is copy & paste the personalized email-code into the system and receive your web address loaded with your very own squeeze-page. The next thing you do is simply add some few individuals into your list under Baxters direction thus creating a wonderful emailing list within a short time.

Then you copy & paste some of the emails, then add your affiliate-link and send to the list you have created and then wait. If you have your own program and want to use them with copy me millionaire then all you need to do is add your email plus your link and send them to your current prosperous list.

The trick to this program is to earn more you need to send more emails and keep your mailing list growing. Always keep learning more about the system and email marketing from Baxter and his team.

What Copy Me Millionaire is Not

This program is not similar to your typical continuity-program that are information-based, meaning that you have to pay to obtain helpful information each month about a definite niche.

Continuity-programs do not need you to stick around for long because you do not have to. The Copy Me Millionaire product is a serviced-based product, so to make money individuals have to stick-around. If that scare you than this is not for you. My view on that, is why leave something that earns you money?

Although, Copy Me Millionaire is designed to be used by everyone whether an expert marketer or a newbie, this program is not meant for the most experienced affiliate marketers as they already know most of the information and strategies almost similar to the one used by Baxter, plus they already have their own affiliate websites.

Another thing the Copy Me Millionaire is not, is a get rich quick scheme. Get out of here if that is what you’re after! Copy Me Millionaire is a legit product designed to build a stable business from the ground up. This does not happen over night, but by putting in a steady and consistent effort on your part. Have patience and build a solid business, man!

Copy Me Millionaire Pros

  1. The Copy Me Millionaire package is quite affordable plus it has been designed for individuals who are working on a budget and lack enough capital to set-up a rock-solid email marketing venture.
  2. You do not need any previous experience in affiliate marketing to make a stable income with this program. So whether experienced in affiliate marketing or not, if you implement Copy Me Millionaire perfectly you should begin earning. You might not earn $ 5,000 in the first month, but with more effort your income is bound to improve with time making it possible for you to reach your target.
  3. This product provides you with more than enough affiliate tools to run your business. After logging in you don’t require any additional tool, except for an auto responder like Aweber og Get Response. Notice that the bonus package is not needed to run the system.
  4. With Copy Me Millionaire, research is not necessary as it has software to help you mark certain affiliate leads and then help you turn those leads into profits.
  5. This package is different from other affiliate packages as it has been made to work perfectly for newbies, who give up easily because of lack of working tools and affiliate knowledge.

Jeffery Baxter has provided some educational training materials together with this package to help you learn more about marketing business and how to do your research and how to select a perfect niche. You do not need to find an affiliate product in order to use this package as everything is provided.

Copy Me Millionaire Cons

  1. This service based package is a membership website so in order to use it for affiliate marketing, you will have to pay a monthly membership fee to access the Copy Me Millionaire software. Although it may be a perfect investment, I would have preferred if it had only a high ticket one life-time membership payment. Then of course at a much higher initial cost, but I really do not like memberships, so for me that would have been a better option.
  2. To begin using Copy Me Millionaire you must pay between $ 30-50. But as they say so truly right; “To make cash you have to spend some cash.”

Making a stable income online can be very challenging, but with the right tips and training you can succeed. So you should look for a program offering the right affiliate tools to help you get started. Copy Me Millionaire is one such program/software, and consists of quite impressive benefits for marketers.

It has very powerful systems to help you start your business. So if you are looking to venture into affiliate marketing and earn some commission or have tried before and failed then Copy Me Millionaire just might be what you need.

==>Click here to watch Jeffery Baxter tell about Copy Me Millionaire<==

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11 Responses to The Copy Me Millionaire Review

  1. Lewis Hathorn June 14, 2012 at 3:45 am #

    All research I have done seems to poin t to the fact that Copy Me Million-
    aire is a wonderful program. Is the initial cost to get started $30 – $50?
    Or is there a purchase cost of, say, $47.00 and then a monthly fee of a
    certain amount? How long does it take to get into reasonable profit? Like
    clearing about $1000.00 per month? I already have an Aweber auto-
    responder. Please contact me ASAP. Lewis Hathorn

    • Thomas Aagesen June 14, 2012 at 4:18 am #

      Hi Lewis,

      The unknown factor is always the person using the system. The system is very profitable if yor put in the effort and persistence it need – like any other system need as well. Depending on what you promote to the list you build, a thousand dollar per month might not be that far away for you. You will only be charged $5.00 for the first 5 days. After that, you will be billed $67.00 every month until you cancel. As you already got your Aweber account up, all you need is to start building that list.

      On a personal note, I’m marketing through another system these days, aiming to make a $1000 paycheck everyday. If you find that Copy Me Millionarie isn’t for you (some love it, some don’t), you should check it out what I’m doing:

  2. anna August 11, 2012 at 1:20 am #

    Hi, l’m Anna from Malaysia. l have not make any single dime online yet, What l did was reading and researching of which i think enough of it and start take action. Copy me millionaire seems like a good start. Is it we really will make money if we follow the system strictly. As l need to have a courage, any sum make from it will be really helpful. How long u think on average for the first sale?

    And Empower Network, l read a lot of it. As for newbie like me who in budget, l believe EN is just not for me. A lot of success of EN are ‘all in’ and that means we need to spend thousands for a start not 25 or 100. And to be charged at 125 every single mth is just so burdensome for a tight budget newbie like me. 100% comm is attractive but we need to spend a lot to make a lot. What u think?

    • Thomas Aagesen August 11, 2012 at 6:43 am #

      Hi Anna, lets make you some online dimes then! :) You’re already on your way – having the mindset of learning new things and taking action is the most important factor to succeed. Copy Me Millionaire can work for you if you work the system, though the $67 monthly may also be more than what you budget allows for. But I think I have just what you’re looking for, Anna. It’s a new system and we’re seeing great results with this. It’s so good that I use it as the front end in all my marketing now!

      Go here: (it’s my affiliate link and you must use it if you want to be on my team).

      Yours in success,
      Thomas Aagesen
      skype: skypethomasnow

    • Thomas Aagesen August 11, 2012 at 7:02 am #

      Also, you don’t have to be “all in” with Empower Network. Being a basic member and following the Fast Start training will enable to you build a very important asset – an authority blog. This is like “real estate” – having your blog at Empower is like building you house in Beverly Hills, Bell Air or Monaco. In 90 days, IF you take action and follow the daily tasks in the Fast Start training – you will have an asset online. I believe this is the smartest move for a newbie, and you can use it to promote anything you want. You see, traffic is the thing that will enable you to sell things online, and the authority blog will drive more traffic your way.

  3. marian pillows February 18, 2013 at 8:28 pm #

    I want to cansel.

    • Thomas Aagesen March 12, 2013 at 6:00 pm #

      Sorry to hear that.

      You need to talk with support at the official site, and they will help you.

      Struggeling along on your own is hard…

      Get in touch with me if you want to be a team player. I’m building a team this year, where the goal is that at least 10 teamplayers will make $10K a month and 3 people will earn $30K a month.

  4. Joe Grimsley March 9, 2013 at 7:55 am #

    I am as about confused as a milliped in a shoe factory. I have a notation to keep or cancel by 3/12. That doesn’t leave much time; and tonight is the first time that I’ve had an opportunity to see what this program is all about; and truthfully, I can’t figure it out! There doesn’t seem to be a ‘start here’ or ‘instructions as follows’ anywhere. I have a page that is billing information and a note at the bottom for $ 1.00/10 day test drive! What the heck am I suppose to be testing, where do I locate and access it? Finally, what is this program suppose to do? Your reply will be extremely helpful in deciding whether to keep or cancel. Thank you! JOE GRIMSLEY!!!!! 03/09/2013.

    • Thomas Aagesen March 12, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

      I sent you an email, Joe and hope it unconfused you a bit. Being a milliped in a shoe factory is no good! Lol. :)

  5. Sue Story May 9, 2013 at 6:08 pm #

    Hi! I bought copy me millionaire and found that I can not use it at all. I have multiple sclerosis and because of it, I’m visually impaired. I know that I cannot get my money back, I just want to cancel the monthly payments. I tried to figure out how to contact them but failed.

    A little more about me, I used to work for the Federal Government as a blind rehabilitation specialist. I spent 20 years rehabilitating newly blinded veterans.

    While I was at the VA I proudly bought my own home. I lost that home to forclosure when I retired. After I was diagnosed, I had to get used to falling. The only problem with falling is that I could not get up without assistance. Having never married, getting assistance is typincally impossible. And I hate the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” button.

    I fell early after being diagnosed and betore I lost my home. I had to scoot on my butt over to my couch and after an hour of struggle got up onto my couch. While I was recovering on my couch I started thinking of better ways that a person who has never married and is no where near that “button” can get back up. I came up with an idea.

    I then started investigating places where I could submit my idea to. Unfortunately they required a drawing of my idea. I cannot draw (at all).

    I then called a friend of mine and asked him if he would draw it. He thought about my description and shared what I had asked with his wife. He got up the next morning and drew what I had asked. His wife then added her thoughts to the drawing. Jerry sent me their design and all I remeber is screaming “that’s it!!!”

    When I used to work for the VA I was a GS12 and made $75,000.00 a year. Now that I’m retired, I make $33,000. I’m just trying to earn more money to pay the $5050 we owe to Davison Design off faster.

    I joined Copy Me Millionaire in an attempt to do just that. Unfortunately my visual impairment pohibited me from even reading the text on the website. I don’t want my money back I just don’t want the monthly charges.


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